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Maddie’s Fund Challenge

At Praline’s Backyard Foundation, we’re thrilled to participate in Maddie’s Fund April 2024  Open Arms Challenge, an initiative aimed at fostering inclusivity and keeping pets together with their people. Understanding the unique challenges faced by domestic violence survivors, we’re dedicated to creating a safer, more supportive environment for both survivors and their beloved pets.


In response to the Challenge, we’re proud to launch a pioneering program designed to alleviate one of the most significant barriers survivors face: finding a safe haven for themselves and their pets. Our program commits to covering the hotel expenses for 7 days for survivors and their pets, ensuring they have access to comfortable, pet-friendly accommodations during their time of need while we find a long term pet foster or pet friendly shelter for the survivor.  


This effort not only provides immediate relief but also reinforces our mission to keep families intact, offering peace and stability during turbulent times. By partnering with pet-friendly hotels, we’re expanding our network of support and creating welcoming spaces that cater to the needs of all community members, especially those in transition.


As Praline’s Backyard Foundation steps up to meet the Maddie’s Fund April Open Arms Challenge, we invite pet-friendly hotels to join us in our mission to provide inclusive and welcoming support for domestic violence survivors and their pets.


Our initiative to pay for 7 days of hotel stays for survivors and their pets aims to bridge the gap between urgent need and accessible shelter. As a partner, hotels would provide a safe haven that survivors and their pets desperately need during critical moments.


By collaborating with us, hotels get to  be part of a compassionate network dedicated to keeping pets with their people and supporting survivors as they rebuild their lives in safety. Partnerships will not only offer tangible support but also send a powerful message of solidarity and inclusivity within our communities.


Let’s work together to create a world where no survivor has to choose between safety and staying with their pet. Partner with Praline’s Backyard Foundation and make a lasting impact through the Open Arms Challenge.

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Praline’s Backyard Foundation is currently vetting organizations to support. Our focus is on organizations that support survivors of domestic violence by providing free pet services i.e. pet daycare, boarding, grooming, training etc., In additionm organizations that provide free dog training for veterans and persons with autism.