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At Praline’s Backyard Foundation (PBF), we’re tackling a critical challenge that often remains unaddressed in the realm of domestic violence support. Our journey began with a simple yet powerful question: How can we eliminate the barriers that prevent survivors from leaving unhealthy living conditions when their beloved pets are involved?

We understand that pets are not just companions; they are sources of comfort, support, and unwavering loyalty. However, the unfortunate truth is that many survivors find themselves trapped in abusive situations because they fear for the safety of their pets. This is where PBF steps in, dedicated to ensuring that no survivor has to make the impossible choice between their safety and the well-being of their furry family members.

Our approach is distinctive and impactful. Unlike traditional models, we do not aspire to build physical shelters. Instead, we leverage the power of partnerships within local communities. PBF collaborates closely with pet boarding facilities and compassionate fosters, extending a lifeline to survivors and their pets during times of crisis.

Our mission is rooted in empowerment. By offering financial support for pet boarding, up to 7 days initially (with plans to extend to 30 days), we equip survivors with the resources needed to make a life-changing decision. This service extends far beyond a temporary shelter; it provides survivors the agency to choose the boarding facility that resonates with them, amplifying their sense of control and reducing the stress of an already challenging situation.

We firmly believe that by addressing the needs of both survivors and their pets, we create a harmonious healing process. Pets, often the silent witnesses of trauma, become catalysts for courage and recovery. Our vision extends beyond short-term solutions; it encompasses long-term support, stability, and resilience.

But we don’t do this alone. We invite pet boarding facilities and individuals across the nation to join our cause. By opening your hearts and homes to temporarily house pets of domestic violence survivors, you become beacons of hope and healing. Together, we ensure that no pet is left behind during the crucial moments of crisis.

At Praline’s Backyard Foundation, inclusivity is woven into our DNA. We pride ourselves on fostering a workplace culture that celebrates diversity and embraces the unique strengths that each individual brings. Our commitment to equity and inclusion extends to our services, ensuring that every survivor and their pet receives the support they deserve, irrespective of background or identity.

We are not just an organization; we are a movement. A movement that envisions a world where survivors are empowered, pets are protected, and no one has to make an impossible choice. Join us in this journey, and together, we’ll create lasting change, one survivor and one pet at a time.

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