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Welcome to Praline’s Backyard Foundation! We’re dedicated to supporting survivors of domestic violence and understand that one of the challenges they may face is finding a safe place to keep their beloved pets during times of transition. That’s where we come in. We are  offer free temporary housing for survivor’s pets via pet boarding facilities throughout the United States.  Once we finish our building phase,  we will house dogs directly at Praline’s Backyard in Georgia and all other pets via partner organizations.  We are growing our network of pet boarding facilities and pet fosters throughout the country.   Pet boarding facilities are asked to house pets for 7 days and after which pet fosters will house pet for up to 6 months.   Join us in our mission to empower and protect domestic violence survivors and their pets.


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Praline’s Backyard Foundation

The mission of Praline’s Backyard Foundation is to provide temporary housing for the pets of domestic violence survivors while they are in transition to a new home, in order to eliminate one of the barriers that may prevent survivors from seeking help and support.

Our vision is to create a network of pet boarding facilities and pet fosters that are committed to supporting survivors of domestic violence with pets, and to provide a safe and welcoming environment for the pets of survivors while they are in transition. We envision a future in which all survivors of domestic violence feel empowered to seek the help and support they need, knowing that their pets will be cared for in a compassionate and responsible manner to minimize any additional stress on their pet.


Recognizing the important role
dogs play in our lives

We’re committed to supporting survivors of domestic violence and their beloved pets. Currently, we offer a maximum of 7 days of housing for pets at a cost of $60 per day. During that 7 days we work with pet foster organizations local to the survivor, to provide extended housing of a survivors pet for up to 6 months.  If you’re a pet boarding facility or pet foster that would like to help by providing for the care of survivors pets in your community, we encourage you to get in touch with us. Together, we can make a difference and support those who have experienced domestic violence.

EIN – 92-0280488

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Donations received as of March 3, 2023 need $500,000 to purchase land to build or $5 million to buy something already built
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Goal 10 million to represent 10 million DV survivors
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a year goal to care for 365 pets
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Meet our Board of Directors


Orazie Cook

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation and Owner of Praline’s Backyard Doggie Daycare and Boarding  cage-free enrichment doggie daycare facility. A lifelong cocker spaniel lover and currently parenting Praline Pecan.


Joseph Heggins

Chief Operations Officer (COO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation. A licensed psychotherapist. He has volunteered at local dog shelters providing counseling to staff and supporting the placement of foster dogs. He is the proud pet parent to Lulu, a beautiful English bulldog.


Donnie Perry

Chief of Staff to Praline’s Backyard Foundation and administrative support to all legal needs


Symmetris Gohanna

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Praline’s Backyard Foundation with over 25 years of teaching and managing school operations from high school to college. Recently an empty nester,  her kids took her golden doodles when they left for college.

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